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Dogs and Cats

Your dog is your best friend, your family, your precious!



With my love for dogs and cats, I will take all the time to capture the right moment!

Your dog is your best friend, why not do a nice photo shoot with your dog, together or your dog alone?

Its so much fun to do this. With nice backdrop and props in my studio or in the beautiful nature on location (Serengeti is a fantastic and safe invoirement)

With my dog photo shoots I raise money for Dog Shelters, half of the income will go for food or payment for the vet bills, all for shelters!  With the photo of the shoots I make stunning calendars and these I sell with ALL profit for shelters again.

So you do a photo shoot and together we help the dogs!

See my link on facebook: Dogs4Dogs South Africa

I also make and sell: dogcollars – dogcoats – dogleashes all profit for the shelters!



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