My name is Natasja Beverloo.

International photographer, born in the Netherlands, traveled and moved to different countries, I lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and now South Africa. (Gauteng-Close by Johannesburg)

I’ve seen and met a lot of people. Because of my love for people and my open character, I always get my models relaxed in no time, which means they will be themselves in front of my camera, only then you will see in a picture their true personality and that is what I want in a picture.

I so love animals, ride horses since 1979 and am Dutch qualified instructor and horse trainer. I’m founder for Dogs4Dogs.SA . A charity for animals in need. dogs-cats, horses, wildlife. So I try to make calendars every year to sell and all the profit goes to those who need it so much. Helping saving rhinos, (Rescue 1by1) So animals are a lot in front of my camera!

I’m born in a very creative family. From childhood, I was always busy drawing and with drawing it is very important that you can see the picture, light and shade. With photography it is exact the same and I’m always looking for the best light. Not only in taking the photos you will see my creativity but also afterwards, I ‘play’ with the photos. I don’t only take the spots and unevenness away. I do much more.. that you see in my ‘Foto Beverloo Style’